The Face of the Business: Pieter Verschoor

10-01-2019, 14:10 Ι By the editors

BOVEN-HARDINXVELD A real jack-of-all trades. This qualification is certainly applicable to Pieter Verschoor. “I am harbour master in Hardinxveld, maritime provider for shipping related companies and dealer/broker in ships”, says Pieter. “I run my company Verschoor Nautiek together with my wife Corine.”

The windows of the house of the family Verschoor located on the Rivierdijk 238 gives an amazing view over the water. On this misty Saturday morning you can see the outline of Werkendam on the other side of the river. Water; this is inextricably linked to the life of Pieter. “I was a born a skippers child”, he says. “I attended boarding school from my sixth to my sixteenth in Vreeswijk. I have sailed on the vessel ‘Adamfa’ as an independent skipper from 1987 to 2003. This ship transported sand and gravel. Corine sailed along for the last five year. In 2003 we came ashore, because our oldest child had to go to school and we didn’t want to look for a boarding school.”

“The thing which is peculiar, is that in that period all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place”, Pieter continued his story. “I was offered a job as harbour master and we bought the house we still live in with great pleasure nowadays. The crisis in the construction business caused a downturn in trade of sand and gravel. Because of that, we switched to a completely different industry: ships. We do it on our own account and risk, but also on behalf of third parties. In the latter case, it is often a matter of kneading and guiding. For this, my knowledge of the market and my comprehensive network come in handy. It gives me lots of satisfaction when a deal finally comes about.”

“Dealing with people is important in my life. A conversation can open doors to new possibilities and opportunities. Together with Corine I hope we will be able to run our company for many years in good health. We have sailed for five years together and we are a close team. Furthermore, I hope I will be able to continue my work as harbour master, despite the ups-and-downs belonging to this profession. For this job, I am 24/6 on-call. I’m only available for calamities on Sundays.

Source: Het Kompas

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